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We are a group of individuals who are passionate about building the best line of products in healthcare. We are providing quality preventive healthcare solutions that are accessible and affordable to all. We are India's leading preventive healthcare specialist and are determined to live up to our motto of making quality healthcare 'Available, Accessible and Affordable' each and every day.

We call ourselves facilitators of better health, we provide a 360 Degree engagement with the patient for all their medical needs. Our platform allows for doctor appointments, Medicine delivery and diagnostic lab test, booking services across India through a network of healthcare service providers. We offer end-to-end healthcare solutions to the users under one roof. we believe that health care is driven by positive outcomes. By using technology as an enabler, we are creating a new ecosystem wherein the customer is empowered to make the best choices as per their needs.



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OnePlus Health Organisation products are not insurance products or insurance offerings. OnePlus Health Organisation offers Preventive Healthcare Checkup plans at concessional/Subsidised rates. In addition, OnePlus Health Organisation also offers Concessional/Subsidised Check-Ups & Treatments across OnePlus Health Organisation certified Doctors, Laboratories, Dentists, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Centers. OnePlus Health Organisation, Healthcare Plan member can claim deduction to the extent of Rs. 5000/- for Preventive Health Check-up under the amendment to section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 in the Finance Bill 2012. The benefit of Section 80D is over and above the limit of Rs. 1,50,000/- prescribed under Section 80C/80CCC. This benefit is available for expenditure incurred towards Preventive Health Check-up of Self, Spouse, dependent Children and Parents of the member.